Find the Smallest Missing Integer in an Array 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll see different algorithms allowing us to find the smallest missing positive integer in an array. First, we’ll go through the explanation of the problem. After that, we’ll see three different algorithms suiting our needs. Finally, we’ll… Continue Reading java-smallest-missing-integer-in-array

Methods in Java 1. Introduction In Java, methods are where we define the business logic of an application. They define the interactions among the data enclosed in an object. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the syntax of Java methods, the definition of the method signature, and how to call… Continue Reading java-methods

Converting Java Date to OffsetDateTime 1. Introduction In this tutorial, we learn about the difference between Date and OffsetDateTime. We also learn how to convert from one to the other. 2. Difference between Date and OffsetDateTime OffsetDateTime was introduced in JDK 8 as a modern alternative to java.util.Date. OffsetDateTime is a… Continue Reading java-convert-date-to-offsetdatetime