A Collection of Spring Tutorials Persistence REST Security Series Spring Hibernate JPA I started the REST Security project on GitHub to explore writing an elegant REST Services with the latest and greatest Spring had to offer. That was Spring 3.1 and now Spring 3.2, moving towards Spring 4.0 and 4.1.… Continue Reading this-is-not-your-fathers-spring-a-learning-project

Twelve-Factor Methodology in a Spring Boot Microservice 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll understand the twelve-factor app methodology. We’ll also understand how to develop a microservice with the help of Spring Boot. In the process, we’ll see how to apply the twelve-factor methodology for developing such a microservice. 2. What… Continue Reading spring-boot-12-factor

Fifth Round of Improvements to the Reddit Application REST Spring 1. Overview Let’s continue moving forward the Reddit application from our ongoing case study. 2. Send Email Notifications on Post Comments Reddit is missing email notifications – plain and simple. What I’d like to see is – whenever someone comments… Continue Reading reddit-web-app-improvements-5

Introduction to GraphQL 1. Overview GraphQL is a query language, created by Facebook with the purpose of building client applications based on intuitive and flexible syntax, for describing their data requirements and interactions. One of the primary challenges with traditional REST calls is the inability of the client to request… Continue Reading graphql

Preserve the History of Reddit Post Submissions 1. Overview In this installment of the Reddit App case study, we’re going to start keeping track of the history of submission attempts for a post, and make the statuses more descriptive and easy to understand. 2. Improving The Post Entity First, let’s… Continue Reading reddit-app-maintain-full-history-of-post-operations