Unable to Find @SpringBootConfiguration with @DataJpaTest 1. Introduction In our tutorial on testing in Spring Boot, we saw how we can use the @DataJpaTest annotation. In this next tutorial, we’ll see how to resolve the error “Unable to find a @SpringBootConfiguration“. 2. Causes The @DataJpaTest annotation helps us to set up… Continue Reading spring-boot-unable-to-find-springbootconfiguration-with-datajpatest

Building a Web Application with Spring Boot and Angular 1. Overview Spring Boot and Angular form a powerful tandem that works great for developing web applications with a minimal footprint. In this tutorial, we’ll use Spring Boot for implementing a RESTful backend, and Angular for creating a JavaScript-based frontend. Further… Continue Reading spring-boot-angular-web

Resolving “Failed to Configure a DataSource” Error 1. Overview In this short tutorial, we’ll discuss what causes and what resolves the “Failed to configure a DataSource” error on a Spring Boot project. We’ll resolve the issue using two different approaches: Defining the data source Disabling the auto-configuration of the data… Continue Reading spring-boot-failed-to-configure-data-source

Twelve-Factor Methodology in a Spring Boot Microservice 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll understand the twelve-factor app methodology. We’ll also understand how to develop a microservice with the help of Spring Boot. In the process, we’ll see how to apply the twelve-factor methodology for developing such a microservice. 2. What… Continue Reading spring-boot-12-factor

Command-Line Arguments in Spring Boot 1. Overview In this quick tutorial, we’ll discuss how to pass command-line arguments to a Spring Boot application. We can use command-line arguments to configure our application, override application properties or pass custom arguments. 2. Maven Command-Line Arguments First, let’s see how we can pass… Continue Reading spring-boot-command-line-arguments