Introduction to SPF4J 1. Overview Performance testing is an activity often pushed towards the end stages of the software development cycle. We usually rely on Java profilers to help troubleshoot performance issues. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the Simple Performance Framework for Java (SPF4J). It provides us APIs that… Continue Reading spf4j

Basic Introduction to JMX 1. Introduction The Java Management Extensions (JMX) framework was introduced in Java 1.5 and has found widespread acceptance in the Java developers community since its inception. It provides an easily configurable, scalable, reliable and more or less friendly infrastructure for managing Java application either locally or… Continue Reading java-management-extensions

Importance of Main Manifest Attribute in a Self-Executing JAR DevOps Java 1. Overview Every executable Java class has to contain a main method. Simply put, this method is a starting point of an application. To run our main method from a self-executing JAR file, we have to create a proper… Continue Reading java-jar-executable-manifest-main-class