Design Patterns Series Creational Patterns + /bootstraping-a-web-application-with-spring-and-java-based-configurationIntroduction to Creational Design Patterns + /building-a-restful-web-service-with-spring-and-java-based-configuration/java-builder-pattern-freebuilderAutomatic Generation of the Builder Pattern with FreeBuilder + /securing-a-restful-web-service-with-spring-securityUsing the @Singular Annotation with Lombok Builders + /basic-and-digest-authentication-for-a-rest-api-with-spring-securityLombok Builder with Custom Setter + /rest-api-pagination-in-springLombok @Builder with Inheritance + /exception-handling-for-rest-with-springCreational Design Patterns in Kotlin: Builder + /entity-to-and-from-dto-for-a-java-spring-application/lombok-builder/java-abstract-factory-patternUsing Lombok’s @Builder… Continue Reading design-patterns-series

The Spring TestExecutionListener  1. Overview Typically, we use the JUnit annotations like @BeforeEach, @AfterEach, @BeforeAll, and @AfterAll, to orchestrate tests’ lifecycle, but sometimes that’s not enough — especially when we’re working with the Spring framework. This is where Spring TestExecutionListener comes in handy. In this tutorial, we’ll see what the… Continue Reading spring-testexecutionlistener

Spring Validation Message Interpolation 1. Introduction Message interpolation is the process used for creating error messages for Java bean validation constraints. For example, we can see the messages by providing a null value for a field annotated with the javax.validation.constraints.NotNull annotation. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the… Continue Reading spring-validation-message-interpolation

A Collection of Spring Tutorials Persistence REST Security Series Spring Hibernate JPA I started the REST Security project on GitHub to explore writing an elegant REST Services with the latest and greatest Spring had to offer. That was Spring 3.1 and now Spring 3.2, moving towards Spring 4.0 and 4.1.… Continue Reading this-is-not-your-fathers-spring-a-learning-project