Find the Smallest Missing Integer in an Array 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll see different algorithms allowing us to find the smallest missing positive integer in an array. First, we’ll go through the explanation of the problem. After that, we’ll see three different algorithms suiting our needs. Finally, we’ll… Continue Reading java-smallest-missing-integer-in-array

Time Comparison of Arrays.sort(Object[]) and Arrays.sort(int[]) 1. Overview In this quick tutorial, we’ll compare the two Arrays.sort(Object[]) and Arrays.sort(int[]) sorting operations. First, we’ll describe each method separately. After that, we’ll write performance tests to measure their running times. 2. Arrays.sort(Object[]) Before we move ahead, it’s important to keep in mind that Arrays.sort() works… Continue Reading arrays-sortobject-vs-sortint

Array Operations in Java 1. Overview Any Java developer knows that producing a clean, efficient solution when working with array operations isn’t always easy to achieve. Still, they’re a central piece in the Java ecosystem – and we’ll have to deal with them on several occasions. For this reason, it’s… Continue Reading java-common-array-operations