Java String.charAt() The method charAt() returns the character at the specified index. The index value must be between 0 and String.length() – 1. Available Signatures [source,java,gutter:,false] public char charAt(int index) Example [source,java,gutter:,true] @Test public void whenCallCharAt_thenCorrect() { assertEquals(‘P’, “Paul”.charAt(0)); } Throws * IndexOutOfBoundsException – if a non-existent or a negative… Continue Reading char-at

Intro to the Java SecurityManager 1. Overview In this tutorial, we’ll have a look into Java’s built-in security infrastructure, which is disabled by default. Specifically, we’ll examine its main components, extension points, and configurations. 2. SecurityManager in Action It might be a surprise, but default SecurityManager settings disallow many standard operations:… Continue Reading java-security-manager